Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dirty looks begone!

Ì have cycled to the gym, did some running and some exercise biking, stretches and whatnot, and have returned on the bike. Betty the bike is incredibly happy. As is Rebecca, owner of said bike.

The gym was odd today actually. I plucked up the courage to wear shorts for the first time ever in the gym, and for some reason everyone else took the opposite tactics and were covering more flesh than I've ever seen covered. There was even a woman in a burqa.

Things I didn't expect to happen today:

1) Actually managing to cycle to the gym and back
2) Seeing no shorts in the gym except mine and instead witnessing a birth in popularity of the gym burqa.

What the frikkin frack? Great session though, I forgot all about my pasty little legs wobbling back and forth on the exercise bike and got right into it.

Of course now that I'm back, all I can think about is eating something incredibly unhealthy, but the homemade lasagne waiting in the fridge to be reheated is keeping my willpower strong.

I really feel great, hopefully I can keep the momentum going. :)

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