Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bad food and bike luck!

Bike lock is jammed and it's trapped at work for the moment, the sushi place is closed on Mondays and I made an utter bollocks of BBQ rib by making a rookie mistake of not soaking the bodice before baking it. It was so salty it actually burnt the inside of my mouth! What a doofus I am!

On the plus side, the move to Dublin is getting more exciting, and I'm heading back to the gym to do some more training tomorrow after my evening meeting. :)

The cycle I'm doing is a 70km charity cycle from Dublin to Arklow for Womens Aid, a charity that work to stop domestic abuse and protect women and children who are caught up in that cycle. It's a brilliant charity and as soon as I have the money to register (oh the poverty) I'll set up my charity page and start getting moneys togehter for it! :)

I'd like to add a nice happy picture to counteract my little rant above about the food, so here's a pic of the puppies I go home to every weekend in my parents' house!

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