Tuesday, April 13, 2010


UCC is beautiful. I was walking up into the campus today from the gym, stepped under the arch and into the quad, and was just blown away by its beauty. I had no camera on me, and the iPhone's one just didn't capture the gorgeousness of it. The evening sun was glinting over the trees in front of the Boole library, there were blackbirds pecking the grass and only a handful of people were walking around its perimeter. So lovely and peaceful, I'll miss it when I have to leave.

Back in January when the snow was around, I took the following picture - what an amazing day that was!

In other news, I had to cut the lock off my bike myself this evening. The fact that I spent 20 minutes clipping off my bike lock in the middle of a busy thoroughfare in UCC with not a single person stopping to ask me why I was, for all intents and purposes, stealing someone's bike does not reassure me about the safety of my bicycle in the future. Halfords shall also be getting an angry e mail re: broken bike lock. It's new, it shouldn't be breaking that easily!


  1. I wouldn't trust anything from Halfrauds. Go for a Kryptonite or Abus lock if you want your bike to be safe.

  2. Yeah I've heard the kryptonite name bandied about a number of times now so I'm definitely going to try and grab one of them! :)