Monday, May 17, 2010


I have been a terrible blogger lately - the truth is I had these great intentions of posting up pictures of my cooking adventures. Unfortunately I kept forgetting to take photos of the finished products because the second thy were out of the oven or the wok I started eating them.

Here's a photo of some lovely flowers I put up in my house last week when a special someone was visiting me - look how pretty they are! I love the little vase also:

My next post will have pictures of home-made spring rolls - I also bought some tofu the other day so I'm going to try some experiments with that. If any of the 2 people who might possibly read this within the next 10 years have any tips or tricks or yummy recipes with Tofu let me know. :) I'm looking to expand my veggie repertoire!


  1. Tulips! I love tulips! I always eat my dinner straight away and never take photos because who likes a cold dinner? No one.
    I'm afraid I have no tips on tofu really, just pair it with strong flavours, sy sauce, chilli & ginger and it'll be gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for the comment Lilly - I love tulips also. They're so cheerful, it's a pity they don't last very long!

    Tofu is great in Asian dishes alright with all those strong flavours. I had panfriend sweet chilli tofu in Cafe Paradiso recently (what a restaurant - savage food and amazing staff!) and it was just amazo!